Why Hardwood Floors Are Popular in North Dallas

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular choices of flooring materials in both commercial and residential spaces in North Dallas. Though many other floor types such as carpet, slate, marble, laminate, ceramic tile and linoleum are available, hardwood floors are more popular in North Dallas and surrounding areas. Lots of different varieties of flooring are also available. So, you should select the right material for your floors. The quality, richness and reliability of hardwood floors are unmatched. Therefore, hardwood flooring is the No 1 choice for home and business owners in Dallas. Here is an analysis of what makes Hardwood Floors, North Dallas so popular.

Long Lasting

Wood is one of the toughest and strongest materials available. Therefore, it provides incredible durability for home flooring. Compared to other types of flooring, wood flooring can last for decades. Hardwood floors, North Dallas are immune to holes, scratches and most stains if the finish is right. The hard-wearing nature of wood floors makes it perfect for rooms with active work-spaces and high foot traffic. Hardwood floors can last through generations with minimum maintenance.

Easy to Clean

Hardwood floors do not accumulate debris, dust or dirt. So, cleaning wood floors is very easy than carpets. Simple weekly cleaning with damp mop, light vacuum and broom is enough for removing mud to spilled liquid. Most wood floor companies provide sealant finish to wood floors, which protects flooring from filth and stains.

Better Air Quality

Hardwood floors are very easy to clean. So, they are more hygienic than the other types of flooring. Carpets accumulate and produce dust mites, pollen, animal dander, fleas and other particles. All these things are nightmare for allergy sufferers. Carpets harbor unpleasant animal odors if you have pets. It is very hard to eliminate such odors. You can remove the traces of these elements from wood floors with a quick sweep and polish. So, you can maintain clean and allergen free air in your indoors.

Easily Restorable

Once a tile, carpet or laminate floor is damaged, bringing them back to life is almost impossible. In such cases, flooring must be completely replaced or removed. However, you can make your wood flooring look just like new with a quick and simple seal or sand. This is helpful for extending the life of flooring and you can also avoid costly replacements every few years.

Perfect for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is very popular trend today. You can install under heating perfectly if you use hardwood flooring.

Types of Wood Flooring in North Dallas

Hardwood floors are available in a wide variety of styles, finishes and colors. Therefore, you can enjoy the warmth and beauty of hardwood floors virtually anywhere in business or home. Distressed, exotic, high variation and hand scraped are the four major types of hardwood flooring.


Distressed wood flooring is ideal for those who seek for getting more informal and rustic look. In this wood flooring, the woods are distressed intentionally with nails, staples and chains to reflect the look of a well-worn floor. This type of wood flooring is perfect for active areas and it also keeps scratches and nicks hidden and less noticeable.

Hand Scraped

This type of flooring has waves running through the length of every board, which range in appearance from pronounced to subtle. It can also create a unique look.


This type of wood flooring can be made by using wood species from around the world. Exotic wood flooring is durable and sturdy with distinctive character. So, it provides elegance and character to any room. Patina and color of this type of flooring becomes darker and richer with exposure to sunlight.

High Variation

In High variation, hardwood floors gets a clear stain, so it can highlight the natural appearance of wood floor. This type of flooring can also create a beautiful and entirely unique look.

Hardwood flooring has been undergoing various changes time to time. Environmentally friendly, scuff resistant, moisture durable, etc are the trends in hardwood floors today. Going green has become very popular. Whatever may be your preference and style in hardwood flooring, you must select the best company, which can provide the best service in Hardwood Floors, North Dallas. You must also consider the reputation and professionalism of a company to select the best one. Thorough research is essential to find the best hardwood flooring services in areas such as Plano, Richardson, Allen, Fairview, University Park, Highland Park, MicKinney and Frisco.

Honest Opinion on Hardwood

Plano Hardwood 3Do you live in North Dallas? Are you searching for Quality Hardwood Floor Services? Worry no more. Hardwood floor service companies in North Dallas are dedicated to providing home owners with the highest quality Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Hardwood Flooring and many more. They also give advice and ensure you are equipped with all the necessary information you need as far as your hardwood floor is concerned. With more than 40 brands of flooring, it is guaranteed that you will find the best match for your house. With more than two decades of experience you can trust their expertise. The services they offer are not just limited to hardwood flooring repair and installation, they also offer sanding, custom finishes and refinishing.


Some of the services offered include the following:

  • All types of floor installation
  • Pre-finished Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Installation of Site Finished Hardwood Floor
  • Installation of Engineered Hardwood Floor
  • Installation of Hardwood Stairs
  • Repair of hardwood floors
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Board Replacement
  • Resurfacing of Hardwood Floor
  • Sanding, Recoating and Buffing of Hardwood floors
  • Refinishing
  • Hardwood Stairs Repairs and Refinishing
  • Custom staining
  • Custom Exotic Wood Flooring
  • Professional Floor Rejuvenation
  • Water based finishes, Swedish finish, Water based finishes

Reputable Hardwood Floor Service providers in Plano strongly believe that your timber floor should last much longer and it’s their mission to ensure that your hardwood floor is maintained for maximum longevity. They offer high quality service, minimizing disruption & enhancing the floor’s natural luster and beauty throughout its lifetime.

They are proud to serve the fowling areas in North Dallas: Plano, Richardson, Fairview, Allen, University Park, Highland Park, McKinney, and Frisco.


Majority of homeowners may have the idea that they can install hardwood flooring without seeking professional help. While this might be the case for only the selected few, majority of home owners may not have the expertise to do the job right. This is the reason there are lots of benefits that professional hardwood service providers in north Dallas bring to the table.


Any kind of hardwood service that you want to do on your own may be tricky. There are many dangers in attempting to install hardwood flooring without proper knowledge and expertise. Without the knowledge of all ins & outs, you may end up making a grave mistake that can put a damper on your hard-earned investment in the materials as well as its lifespan.


Peace of Mind

Hiring reputable contractors to handle services such as Deep Cleaning, installation of your hardwood flooring will give you peace of mind. Making a decision on hardwood flooring is a big headache. Your investment from a financial point of view on the material can be huge. If you allow professionals to handle these tasks on your behalf, you won’t have to worry about making a mistake that may jeopardize the investment you already have. It’s peace of mind where you will sit back and watch the services being delivered right.



Letting experts from North Dallas do your floor refinishing will add value to your entire home. It will also appeal to home buyers whenever you decide to put it up for sale. It also increases the chances of the property being bought in real estate market.



Refining your own hardwood floor may be dangerous, more so if you are inexperienced. The risk may not be worth taking as far as your situation is concerned. After all, messing it up means you will have to hire a professional anyway & perhaps paying extra to have the mistake corrected.


Ensuring Quality

Any installation job requires quality. The better the installation is done the more durable the floor will be. Hardwood floors that are not installed properly normally end up having gaps in the planks and floor and may fail to line up correctly, making the installation job to appear shoddy. This isn’t the appearance you’re looking for. Professional installers from north Dallas will go an extra mile to make sure you only get highest quality job. In the event that they make a mistake, they will make sure they fix it so that you’re more than pleased with the job.



Quality Hardwood Floor Services in Highland Park TX offers quality and unique hardwood flooring services. Whether you want refinishing of hardwood floors that already exists or you need a new floor to be professionally installed, we have the workmanship, highest quality customer service and expertise to suit your specific taste. They provide the latest in techniques and products giving you the highest quality services available for your budget.


Affordable Hardwood Services

If you are looking for affordable hardwood floor service in North Dallas locations such as Plano, Richardson, Highland Park, University Park, McKinney, Frisco, Allen or Fairview, you are in luck. Hardwood floor services in this part of Dallas take into consideration your budget without compromising on other important factors. Getting a premium hardwood flooring for your home should not cost an arm and a leg, and you should not have to compromise on quality either just because you want the job done at a price you can afford.

In North Dallas has great hardwood floor experts who put customer satisfaction before everything else to ensure that, regardless of what you plan to spend on a hardwood floor, you still get results you can be proud of. So, it does not matter if you want a service that will give you that personal touch, the premium quality, or the professionalism that should come with such a delicate home renovation job – you can have it all without having to break the bank.

You do not have to worry about unexpected surprises when it comes to prices either. A decent North Dallas hardwood flooring company should be able to give you a good free estimate of how much your hardwood installation will cost. This means you can always find a price that meets your spending expectations before you have made any financial commitments.

In consideration of the financial implication of some hardwood flooring jobs, these companies also offer discounts for jobs that exceed a particular square footage. This should take the cost of getting a hardwood flooring for your house much lower for the relatively pricier services such as hardwood floor installation. Nevertheless, even if you are getting services such as staining, having a larger job for your hardwood flooring company should entitle you to a notable price discount which should make the service a lot more cheaper.

You do not have to lose out on the perks that come with working with a premium hardwood installation company when you need to get a good deal on the services as well. With proper insurance, professionalism and a desire to cater to all clients, whether small or large, North Dallas flooring services are keen to offer experiences that clients can be proud of. So, feel free to negotiate on the price and get as good a deal as you can manage – you will not regret the value proposition you will get in the end.

A broad choice of financing options can also make your hardwood flooring more affordable. In North Dallas, this is something you can easily obtain if you feel the upfront costs of flooring services might be a little out of your reach at the moment. By using a financing plan, you can get your entire house floored in one go, which is cheaper than paying for each room to be worked on individually.

Your budget constraints can also be managed by making the right choices when it comes to installation method. Fortunately, each method has its upsides even over the more pricier alternatives. For instance, the “Nail Down” installation technique is more expensive, which would make it less desirable if you are working with a limited budget.

So, you can opt for the less pricier, “Staple Down” or “Glue Down” hardwood installation method or even the much cheaper “Click Wood” or “Glue Joint” installation technique. The cheaper installation technique, the Click Wood or Glue Joint installation method, is actually better than the other two when it comes to humidity and temperature protection as well as the ability to go well with concrete floors. As you can see, a limiting budget does not mean you have to miss out on all the great features that hardwood flooring stands to offer.

Getting affordable hardwood floor service in North Dallas should be much easier than you had probably anticipated. Many services related to the field, for instance, hardwood installation, floor refinishing, floor repairs, and so forth, are all available at prices you can easily afford.

So, if you are looking for affordable hardwood flooring services in North Dallas, rest assured you will get what you are looking for. More importantly, you will not have to make any compromises. As you get the services at a price you can afford, you will also enjoy premium services and the very best in quality.